Our Promise - Seller's Agent


Mission: Navigate clients through the process of buying and selling real estate, and advise beyond any single transaction, to help clients build wealth and gain financial security

Seller’s Agent Promise:


As your agent we carry a fiduciary responsibility to act in your best interest. We aim to sell your home for its highest value in a timeframe you need, manage a smooth and successful transaction, and help you successfully identify and transition into a new home.


 Our services include a promise to:

·       Listen to and understand your needs and insights regarding your home and its value

·       Provide an accurate valuation of the home based on your feedback, the home’s uniqueness, current market data, and comparison to homes that have recently sold, expired, and are currently on the market

·       Pro tips on how to increase the value of your home

·       Renovation program that allows you to make needed repairs and delay payment for repairs until closing

·       Provide a FREE professional photography session for high quality pictures to use in marketing

·       Create marketing collateral for direct mail, online advertising, showings, and open houses

·       Market your home through all online sources including social media, Realtor.com, Zillow, and dozens of other outlets

·       Market the home throughout the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices (nationally and internationally) and our local Woodmont Realty network

·       Market your home to the Middle Tennessee REALTOR network

·       Use targeted advertising to attract homebuyers in specific areas, including out-of-state buyers

·       Provide a scheduling service for showings, manage showings, and gather important feedback from buyers

·       Review the purchase and sale agreement to inform you of the details and obligations contained in the offer

o   Contingencies

o   Earnest money

o   Home inspections and repairs

o   Negotiating with the buyer’s agent

·       Negotiate with the buyer on price, closing costs, title expenses, and other important aspects of the agreement to get the highest price and best terms available.

·       Negotiate and submit counter offers and prepare all addendums, extensions, and other documents that may be needed during the transaction

·       Monitor all dates in the agreement from ‘Contract to Close’ to ensure you (and the buyer) are in full compliance with the responsibilities outlined in a purchase and sale agreement:

o   Earnest money date

o   Home inspection and resolution dates

o   Lender financing and appraisal dates

o   Contingency items

o   Closing date

·       Deliver documents and work with all parties in the transaction including the buyer, attorney, and buyer’s lender.

·       Contract-to-Close, weekly communication that outlines all commitments and contingencies in the agreement and the progress made to date

·       Be present at the closing table to ensure everything is in order for a successful closing

·       Identify and help with the transition into a new home (if needed)